We offer products aimed to bring comfort, balance, and calm.

Soul Blossom “sprouted” in a space many people dream of—a space of calm, hope, and peace. Co-founders Katie and Tim Dubois were realizing their minds and bodies were filled with anxiety, stress, and pain, and they sought that calm, hope, and peace but did not understand where it could be found. For them, feeling better was hard, and it sometimes seemed unreachable. So they settled into that uncomfortable and unpleasant place and figured that’s just what life was like. Daily, constant pain in any form can really change a person’s soul.

Soul Blossom CBD owners Katie and Tim in New Hampshire 2019

Tim and Katie both decided to give CBD a try. They realized that they deserved better lives, and they didn’t have to settle with the cards they’d been dealt. They sought out high-quality CBD products online but found there was a “wild wild west” type of marketplace for CBD and a need for retailers who could be trusted in the industry. 

What better way to ensure the availability of quality products one expects than to be among those who provide it?

The “Soul Blossom” name pushed its way through the soil from seed to sunshine when Katie and Tim realized this could very well be the calm, peace, and hope they were after. For their own souls and for others, they’d like to help.