Sometimes it’s good to be a dog. In addition to holding the coveted “man’s (and woman’s) best friend” title, it turns out our four-legged friends are blessed to possess an endocannabinoid system just like ours. Which means many of the same benefits that CBD provides for us, can, in turn, provide for them as well. This is something that is personally important to us here at Soul Blossom.

Dog People

When we say “we are dog people,” we mean that in the most genuine way possible. In our spare time, Katie (Mama Soul) and I breed, raise, and show AKC Champion Samoyeds. We have spent vast amounts of money keeping our dogs in tip-top shape. That includes everything from the premium food they eat and their strict exercise regimen to the genetic and health testing that goes into our breeding program.  

Samoyed Sadie

People often tell us we take better care of our dogs than we do of ourselves, and it’s probably true. There is nothing spared when it comes to the health and welfare of our dogs. 

So just as we feel so passionately about the wellness and health benefits of CBD for humans, we are equally passionate about CBD for our dogs. Our current dogs are still pretty young, but in the past, we’ve watched as beloved pets have gotten older and suffered with all that comes with aging. We have vowed to do what we can to keep our dogs as healthy as possible as they age. We have all of our dogs on a basic CBD regimen. We hope that it may provide balance for their immune systems and help prevent injuries that come with the everyday rough and tumble life that comes with living in a house full of dogs. It also provides a sense of calm during stressful events in their lives— the same reason we use it ourselves. 


Just as with humans, you will have to tinker with levels to find the right dose for each individual animal. But it has been shown that it is safe to give CBD to dogs (and many other pets too, for that matter). 

With that said, it’s important to note that you should only use products that are specifically manufactured for pets. Because while CBD is safe for pets, some of the flavorings or other ingredients in a human formulation may be unsafe for pets. For example, some essential oils used to flavor human-grade tinctures are not good for dogs and should not be given to them. 

We have vowed to do what we can to keep our dogs as healthy as we can as they age.

Our pet formula CBD comes in one easy to dose size (450mg). Each drop out of the dropper contains roughly .75mg CBD. We use a simple formula of .5mg to 1mg per every 10 pounds of the dog’s weight one or two times daily (depending on their needs). Our adult, medium-sized dogs are all about 50 pounds, so that equals about 3 to7 drops once or twice a day, right on their food. For our young, healthy dogs, we just use a maintenance dose on the lower end of that spectrum. If you have an older dog, or one with other health issues (such as hip dysplasia or obesity), you may want to go on the higher side. Just like with humans, it’s a bit of trial and error. 

For a different option, we also offer beef chew treats that contain 2mg of THC-free CBD per treat. These are a great way to supplement their daily maintenance dose by offering a delicious treat or two when we know that there may be something stressful in their immediate future (such as fireworks on holidays or long car rides). 

It really doesn’t matter which you choose, but the important thing is that you just keep track of the general CBD that they are getting (make sure to note if the changes you see are having their desired effect).  

As with anything you do for your pets, it’s always good to discuss changes in your dog’s diet (including adding CBD) with your vet. Many are now starting to recognize the benefits of CBD and are open to having it added to the wellness plan for your companions.