Our formula for success 

The CBD marketplace is often referred to as the wild, wild west. In our experience, it’s true. CBD and CBD products are not all created equal, and there are a plethora of mediocre products out there. 

As a premium CBD company, we understood very early that we would need to partner with industry leaders who understood that demanding excellence had to be a guiding principle; this was crucial to our success. By staying true to this guiding principle, we can bring you the finest CBD products available.

What does “partnering with industry leaders” mean?

Being a Texas-based CBD company, where the agricultural production of hemp is still in its infancy, we have had to go to great lengths in order to choose our partners very selectively. Only after careful and diligent research did we feel comfortable partnering with the industry leaders we have. Our partners are based out of Colorado, which is of course, a state at the forefront of hemp production.

They include include some of the largest growers, manufacturers, and distributors of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the United States. Through these partnerships, we can ensure that only the finest raw hemp compounds are used in our products.

In addition to the finest hemp, every single ingredient used in our products is meticulously sourced and lab tested. Any product sold must be pure and proven to contain only what is advertised. Only then can we be confident that our products are among the highest quality available on the market today.

Our formula for offering the finest CBD products illustrates what is important to us.

These are our priorities: 

Farming: Every product we carry must start with the finest natural strains of hemp that contain high levels of CBD. All hemp must be grown in the nutrient-rich soils of the United States under only the most environmentally sensitive farming practices possible. 

Processing and extraction: The extraction process must ensure that many of hemp’s beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved, resulting in high quality, broad spectrum hemp oil. This allows us to ensure that the greater sum of all parts entourage effect is preserved in all the products we offer.

THC removal: It is crucial to us that even the smallest traces of THC are removed from the hemp oil used in many of the products we offer. THC is the compound that produces the high associated with the cannabis plant. When we offer products that advertise NO THC we absolutely mean NO THC. Any products that contain a trace of THC (under the .3% legal threshold) will clearly be labeled as such.

Third party testing: We insist that every CBD based product we sell undergoes rigorous third party testing to ensure that our consumers can dependably and comfortably know EXACTLY what goes into the wellness products they are getting from us.

Innovation: It’s also important for us to partner with innovative companies that use the latest technology to make the most of our products. This includes state of the art techniques designed to safely increase the bioavailability of our products.