New Product Alert

New products announcement

Blossoming in June, 2020 Some very exciting things are happening here at Soul Blossom this month. We had a plan to roll out new products as we go along, but better than expected initial sales have accelerated our initial rollout plan.  We are excited to announce that on June 15, 2020, we will be offering […]

A Silent Injury Emerges

Katie hiking in New Mexico 2014

Katie’s Story Nineteen years ago today I took a hard fall. Injured traumatically before I ever landed on the ground, and then injured some more when my body slammed to the ground. I had no way of knowing that some of the physical trauma to my body experienced on that June Sunday in 2001 would […]

Cannabidiol: A promiscuous little molecule (the secret to general wellness)

Bright colorful droplets intermingling

In pharmacology, the term “promiscuous molecule” refers to a molecule that has many different targets within the cellular world. This includes cell receptors, binding proteins, and uptake transporters. CBD, and it’s psychoactive cousin THC, have both been shown to be highly promiscuous molecules, which is beginning to unlock the mystery behind CBD and its overall […]